King’s Landing Extended Tour

At a glance:

  • Level of difficulty: easy to medium (around 300 stairs)
  • Tour duration: 2:30h
  • Maximum group size: 8
  • Language: English (send an inquiry for availability for other languages)
  • Note: Glasses, sun cream, water and hats recommendable during summer months (there is no water to buy on Red Keep so bring your own)


    • Meet your guide in front of the Pile Gate

Guide will have a Lannister banner displayed. Meeting point map is at the bottom of the page. Learn about worldwide locations of GOT sets and slowly settle down into the realm of King’s Landing.

    • Red Keep

Climb the stairs of Fort Lovrjenac for magnificent views of the Old City and experience multiple scenes filmed there – Joffrey’s Nameday Tournament, Tyrion slapping Joffrey, Sansa saved by the Hound, „Power is Power“ dialogue, Purple Wedding, Euron arriving to Blackwater bay.

    • Docks of King’s Landing

Just seconds away from the Pile Gate, in a hidden corner of the City, reenact final reunion and farewell of Starks from the show’s finale! Also find the beach where Myrcella was sent away and came back from Dorne, Sir Robert Baratheon’s bastard kid was killed and dock where Sansa wondered whether to elope with Littlefinger.

    • Gates of King’s Landing

Enter the City through the same gates Jaime did when he came back home and stroll down the street where Rebellion versus Joffrey took place.

    • Littlefinger’s Brothel

Passing narrow streets of the Old City arrive to the Brothel and see what Oberyn, Tyrion and High Septon were doing there. Enjoy the views of the House of Undying as we keep ourselves at the safe distance…

    • Sept of Baelor

There is only one word that can be said here, and the word is: “SHAME”!

    • Spice King of Qarth Palace

Time to leave Westeros and cross the Narrow Sea, just few steps to enter Rector’s Palace and we are in Qarth alongside Daenerys pleading for fleet of ships.

    • Drogon’s flyover

Experience one moment of Khaleesi’s madness and compare built sets with the real locations of our city.

    • Walk of Shame

Follow the footsteps of Cersei as the Walk continues and see her entering another Red Keep in the City, far away from the first one…

Raise a replica of Longclaw, Needle, Oathkeeper, Dothraki Arakh and many more weapons from our prop collection. Defend the Realm with a weapons presented at this point!

    • Views of Qarth and Duel arena

Arrive to the terrace in front of the powerful Revelin Fortress and enjoy the views of the Lokrum Island, Duel Arena and learn more about Qarth, Oberyn, Mountain, Dothraki desert… Overlooking the Old City port share the last moment in King’s Landing with Jon Snow before he leaves to rejoin the Night’s watch

What is included:

  • Licensed guide/extra in the set
  • Red Keep entrance fee – Lovrjenac fortress (part of Dubrovnik City walls)
  • Swords, props and more
  • Visuals

Not included:

  • Food and drinks along the way
  • Guide tips and gratuities (not mandatory)


  • Price is 55 euros per person (including an entrance to the Red Keep), send us an inquiry for 2021 Covid19 or group (4+ persons) discount by form below
  • Use an on-line booking form to check availability and book your tour
  • 30 euros deposit should be paid by PayPal and the outstanding amount should be settled with the tour guide after the tour
  • After successful booking you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail from us

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Meeting point for start of the tour

  • Tour start location is behind Amerling’s fountain at Pile square, search for a tour guide with a red Lannister’s banner