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Born and raised in Dubrovnik, got my University degree (professor or Italian and Russian) in Zagreb, Croatia and have been a local licenced guide for the last 5 years. My hobbies are beach chilling, boxing and soccer.
All the above is less important for this site. The most important is that as a guide I know every corner of King’s Landing, Tyrell Gardens, Red Keep and Qarth since I grew up here, so as a true native it was natural of me to be a part of the GOT filming as extra in seasons 2 and 7 and once going that road it just draws you deeper in GOT realm.

For the last 3 years, thanks to you, dear GOT visitors, I am guiding and living only GOT tours so all of you ultimate fans of the greatest show of all times, I am calling to come to the King’s Landing (or Dubrovnik as locals call it nowadays) and become part of the magic with my colleagues and myself!

Favorite GOT character: Myself – who else?



Antun does not want to write about himself so we will: showman, entertainer, knows how to wrap up tough history in a set of witty stories. He was a tough nut to crack when asked to help us on GOT project, but once he got into it, it is as if his stories come to life (visual aids help as well)… He monitored the contstruction of the GOT set, helped coordinated crew and filming so that regular life in Dubrovnik could still function during shoot and in the evenings keep the fun level of the set up! Otherwise, B.A. in Economics, speaks English fluently and is a licenced guide for Dubrovnik area.

Favorite character: Tryion Lannister



Another professor of Russian language and literature 🙂 and Portuguese for that matter. No worries, English fans, fluent in English as well! I am also licenced tour guide for the area, 3 years guide in Dubrovnik and surroundings and since I did work on the set of GOT season 3 I was so happy that there are so many people that want to know about it and locations and stories and little secrets, so next thing you know I am a GOT guide as well…Love it! I am very com­mu­nica­tive and socia­ble and time spent with me will be any­thing but boring!

Favorite character: Jon Snow (who else)

Tours are officially promoted and organized by Doria ltd. Dubrovnik Travel Agency with help of professional licensed tour guides Robert, Antun and Ivana.
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